In 1941, TheSignal corps introduce a new Graflex Camera, a Speed Graphic, Anniversary type under PH-47 name.


The camera equipment PH-104 may be issued with either Camera PH-47-E or PH-47-F, both of witch are press-type cameras designed for hand use or for mounting on tripod. Each camera accepts a film holder and film pack adapter for 4x5 inch film, and is equipped with a focal plane shutter, a lens mounted in a between-the-lens shutter on a removable lens board, rising and shifting front, drop bed and double extension bellows, focusing scale, ground glass focusing screen, wire and tubular view finders, and a rangefinder.

Camera equipment PH-104 also includes a flash synchronizer, side-lighting unit, reflectors, connecting cord, cable release, lens hood, lens cover, filter holder with adapter ring, filters, film holders, film pack adapter, tripod, and focusing cloth. The equipment is contained in a fiber carrying case.

Important: Kodak n°2 Supermatic was introduced in black in 1943, since, the S.C version is a special one, with no timer and with special buttons. (here), on a PH-47-E)





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Speed Graphic PH-47-E

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Back Type: Graphic
Shutter speeds : 1 second to 1/400 + Bulb &Time
Film Size - 4x5 inch
lens board size - 4x4 Inch

Speed Graphic

PH-47 ( E &F )


PH-83-D Label

PH-47 ( E & F ) & PH-104


Speed Graphic PH- 47-F

Speed Graphic

PH-47 ( E &F )